Preflight Checklist by Paul E. Casey (Book Review #162)

This review was kindly requested by Paul E. Casey

Preflight Checklist is a book written for anyone who is looking to start their own business or wishes to brush up on the current one they run. Why should we take the advice from this author? Well for starters, Paul E. Casey is the CEO and founder of Casey Communications Inc., a full-service communications firm based in Seattle. He has hosted numerous radio shows on self-employment and has interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs. Hence, I believe what he has to say is definitely worth reading.


While reading the book, it was apparent that the author not only knows his way around the loopholes but also, is confident to share it with the readers. Alongside the quizzes, provided for the reader to see if they are even able to commit to being self-employed, he also provides a checklist, which you go through before even starting. I liked how he exemplifies the situation with flying. A pilot always checks everything before taking off, and it is vital for a person to do the same when you wish to fly off on your own creating a business.

The book also discusses myths that you hear regarding this whole endeavor. I particularly enjoyed that section since I too am self-employed. Every so often there are funny, serious, and informative quotes within the content of the book. This increased my interest as some of them were against what I thought I knew!

I highly recommend this book to anyone that has a dream. I say, follow your dream but carry this book with you!

Written by Jeyran Main

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