Sayni and the Windowjet Brothers by Garth Laidlaw (Book Review #202)

This review was kindly requested by Garth Laidlaw 

Sayni and the Windowjet Brothers is a children’s book written about a town named Candleton. Ironically it is lit by candles hence, the name. There is this little ten-year-old girl named, Sayni. She has a compass and has been told by the elders in her town that if she uses it correctly, the compass will guide her through her life. She normally walks around collecting things for her compass and some days, she fails to find anything. Her uncle, Garmo helps her out on those days in order to pick her spirits up.

As she is searching for more pieces one day, Sayni wonders into an area called, Blaresko District. This is where everyone without a compass lives. It’s where men and children wonder without a purpose or direction. Sayna begins to worry as she wishes to return back to her warm and comforting side of the city. People on this side of the city offer her already made compasses, ones that she does not need to look around to collect anything. She refuses to take them! She wants to complete her own compass. As she tries to run away from them, she falls, into the land of the Windowjet Brothers.

The author is a writer and an illustrator. This subsequently has been transpired into the book making it absolutely beautiful and fascinating to read. The story is written with absolute care and much attention. It brings the message of hope and trying to stay unique to whom you are. It inspires children to journey through their own destiny rather than accepting what’s been possibly given to them. The literature standard is absorbing and rich in quality. I believe nothing is more rewarding than reading a book like this and praising it for what it truly is. Exquisite.

I highly recommend this book for parents and children that appreciate inspirational books.

Written by Jeyran Main

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