The Sword to Unite by Peter Hopkins (Book Review #196)

This review was kindly requested by the author, Peter Hopkins.

The Sword to Unite is a fantasy novel written about a man named Cedric. He is the Lord of Orford and he suffers from dark visions and omens. When a tome is stolen he makes all efforts to find it and on the way, uncovers some truth behind his own past and reason. There is an ancient prophecy and Azrael, the wraith of corruption has returned. Just like any fantasy book, you have read, a group of magicians, beasts, and forest flock get together in order to stop Azrael. However, only the heir of Adalgott, who was the first King of the North, can stop him. Cedric needs to gather all the lords of the lands to unite, as the force is too strong to beat. The one thing Cedric needs is the blade of Geanlaecan, which coincidently becomes the name of the book.

The story was written beautifully. The content and the layout of the story was well put together.The book had many science fiction scenes and possessed a dense fantasy plot. It was still easy to understand, even if this genre was not your typical read. I particularly enjoyed the character development. It was apparent that much care and research had gone through, to make the plot flawless and exceptional.

The story was based on King Author and Anglo-Saxon Mythology. I believe every author has a unique touch to writing stories like this and in this case, the world building, summary plot and exceptional style of writing, set this book to be different, of its kind.

It is vital that fantasy-writing authors spend a good amount of time providing a picturesque description of the world they set the readers into. I strongly believe that the author has understood this and because of that, The sword to unite is highly recommended by me.

This book is suitable for fantasy lovers and people that wish to dive into a rich fictitious literature.

Written by Jeyran Main

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