History of Philosophy by Michael J. Stewart (Book Review #206)

This review was kindly requested by Lean Stone Book Club.

History of Philosophy is a mind-boggling book discussing Roman, Eastern, and Western philosophy. It also includes Theories and philosophers, which have had great influence in shaping what we have today.

I liked this book because it was very easy to understand. Philosophy is not a subject that everyone finds enjoyable or easy to read, however, this book has been written with a nice flow and connectivity between the subject matters. The literary standard is easy to comprehend and for that reason, it makes the book enjoyable to read.

There is not much I would change about this book as it is thorough enough and useful for students or people that wish to have a general knowledge of the philosophical world.

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3 Comments on “History of Philosophy by Michael J. Stewart (Book Review #206)

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  2. Well done. It’s not often that anyone takes the trouble to outline several historical big names & ideas in philosophy. No doubt there will be those who sniff at the incompleteness of Michael Stewart’s survey, or the details of this or that philosophical “school,” or the “morality” of such a short survey in the first place. Ignore them. This brief book serves the extremely important job of giving a reader a good idea whether to whether he/she wishes to dig deeper into the subject of philosophy him/herself, or just bag it for some other activity. Neither choice is “bad” or “good.” It IS a good thing, I think, to have choices explained with some clarity. I personally find philosophy mildly interesting, though I fail to see much improvement after Aristotle. Also, I’ve liked the sentiment that “METAPHYSICS is a means of befuddling yourself, logically” (I think that was Bertrand Russell, but I won’t take the time to find out). I also think I shall go have a beer, and reread Mr. Stewart’s very fine e-book again. Both go down painlessly.

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