Trideas Children by Kevin Peake (Book Review #209)

This review was kindly requested by Kevin Peake.

Tridea’s Children is the first fantasy book written in the Tridea’s Secret Saga trilogy. It is about two elves, Rush and Spark. A Fairy Feather that is the size of a toothpick is also with them. As they are on their casual way simply on a scouting mission to monitor the affected humans, one thing happens after another. They realize that the Alkon they saved, is the daughter of the king. The plans they retrieved get stolen so Rush hurries to get them back. On the way, his path crosses with the Crystal Knights. They are guardians of the crystals that shape up the Tridea World. Rush discovers that there is a Prophecy about five children that have the power to protect the crystals from humans, and shadow soldiers.

As they have new orders from the king requesting to find pure crystals, they set themselves on an adventure with a solar board rider named, Mark. The journey begins as they fight shadow monsters on the way and learn more about their own powers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot of the story. Rush, Spark, Feather, Faith and Mark were all very well developed. The unity between the characters

One very important fact about a fantasy novel is its world building. I believe the author did very well in describing in detail what the environment looked like. As the reader, I was able to easily visualize the scenes.

Although this is a young adult fiction, I believe adults will also enjoy reading it. I was not a big fan of the cover as it was not a good reflection of the rich content it holds. The literary standard was in very good shape and the adventure, plot, and summary provide the reader enough interest in wanting to know more.

I recommend this book to young adult fantasy readers and anyone that enjoys very well built fantasy worlds.

Written by Jeyran Main

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