My Celtic Warrior by Rachel Connell (Book Review #220)

This review was kindly requested by Rachel Connell

My Celtic Warrior is a short book – fantasy romance novel written about a girl named Raina. Raina’s parents have two boys and one other daughter. Raina was taught how to fight, yield a sword and also knows how to heal. She is a witch, but of the white kind. Raina refuses to be forced married and so she runs away. Her maid Sierria also follows her on a journey where things are not so welcoming. On her way, she meets Sean. He is the laird of his own clan and is a suitable match for her, however, Sean is not very receptive to her witch abilities.

The story unfolds when Sean’s past catches up with him and Raina manages to realize the extent of the damage Sean’s past has caused. She then understands what she has to fight for. The story has mature content and the dialogue is written with an accent. There was not much world setting or any backstory besides Sean’s past to enrich the foundations of the plot, however, what surpassed between the characters and the concept of the novel worked well together.


The author’s style of writing was easy and had a nice flow to it. The scenes were sectioned off to clarify the change of the theme however, the narrator remained the same. I believe anyone that enjoys a fast and short read would benefit from this book. The tale is about love, sacrifice and has a strong woman lead.

Written by Jeyran Main

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