When houses burn by Lauren Lee (Book Review #262)

When houses burn is a psychological thriller written about Dr. Delilah Hedley. Delilah is unable to have children and this is taking a harsh toll on her life and marriage. As she is at work with a new patient, Luke, she begins to discover that he is an ex-murderer. At the same time, there is a body found dead in the river. Against all codes, Delilah falls for this mysterious man and that is when the story becomes a thrilling endeavor.

The book is sectioned off into two parts. Part one consisted of chapters that were either from the past or present. This created a chance for the reader to stop every time and have to change their train of thoughts back to the past or the present. I believe although the content within each chapter was written very well and had a smooth pace to it, the connectivity of the novel was lost due to the constant back and for-thing.

The novel, however, was excellent. The literature standard was beautifully written and the character development, I believe is what makes this book stand out from others. Multiple personalities, thrilling adventure, twists and turns in the plot and hidden agendas were just a few to be mentioned.

One very intriguing factor about the book was that I thoroughly enjoyed Lucus, the villain of the story. Only a great writer can leave such an impression on the reader and have them bond with such a horrid character, without feeling guilty about it.

I recommend this book to Psychological Thriller fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by Lauren Lee.

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