Miss Titta Nurse Chloe by Regena Hoye (Book Review #457)

Miss Titta Nurse Chloe is a mystery thriller written about a widowed woman who has the ability to heal. Miss Titta decides to mentor a thirteen-year-old called Chloe. But when Chloe’s father has an accident, Miss Titta intervenes to seek justice. The story also unravels when Chloe also needs help and how Miss Titta has to then protect what she cares about.


As I read the story, things kept unraveling in an interesting way. I particularly enjoyed the protagonist being a midwife and a healer. I appreciated the dynamics of the story and although failed to fully grasp the thrilling side of the tale, I still appreciated the storyline and character development.


The literature maintained its stable style and as an avid reader, I enjoyed the concept of the story.


The plot had a steady flow and kept me reading without distracting me by using various plot holes. I believe this book would suit the thriller fans.



Written by Jeyran Main

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