Tag: mystery romance

Unfurling by Tia Ray Dhar (Book Review #1127)

Unfurling is a mystery romance and begins with Mandira Sharma, a recent medical graduate who isn’t very much happy about her job and has no sense of purpose. As things progress in the story, Mandy meets Latika, and a beautiful friendship is shaped between… Continue Reading “Unfurling by Tia Ray Dhar (Book Review #1127)”

Searching for Sarah by Phillip Vega (Book Review #958)

Searching for Sarah is a mystery romance novel about Tom Ruiz’s emotional journey dealing with the grief of losing his sister, Nina. Tom aims to fulfill her dying wish by locating Nina’s love, a woman named Sarah. Nina’s diary is his only source of… Continue Reading “Searching for Sarah by Phillip Vega (Book Review #958)”

Chapel Street by Sean Paul Murphy (Book Review #949)

Chapel Street is a horror, mystery romance story about Rick Bakos and his life story.  He is accustomed to losing loved ones, all of which to suicide. He has lost his older brother, mother, father, and so many more losses that he becomes a… Continue Reading “Chapel Street by Sean Paul Murphy (Book Review #949)”