The History of New Innovations in Modern Medicine by Dr. James D. Okun MD, Evangelita Goodwell (Book Review #16)


This book is almost like a dedicated memoir of collected physicians that have almost become forgotten by the modern society, of whom their discoveries are to this day the reason why many of us have the ability to live a longer life.

In every chapter of this book, Author, Dr. Okun & Goodwell, initially introduce us to an inventor, his background and how they discover the cure to a particular illness. In most cases, instead of being appreciated for new ideas and new ways of thinking the innovators were mocked, ignored and their works were either not published or condemned. In the end, he passionately explains how if that particular illness had no cure he and many of us would not be living to this day.


His insightful writing on how unfortunate these great minds were and how they suffered for us is heartbreaking. However, according to him, without such sufferings and their ideas, countless lives would not have been saved. He firmly believes that “every discovery could not have been possible if the person who discovered them did not have a notion of what Aristotle calls “wet and dry” otherwise known as opposites.”

I liked the fact that the Authors related their personal lives and troubles with these medical discoveries and created a relationship between the two. Because of the way they created this connection, it was much easier to see and appreciate the journey.


In summary, both authors take their time to write a book about innovations in modern medicine and in some way say thanks to all physicians that dedicated their lives and suffered a great deal for humanity, in hopes for us to gain a stronger appreciation for the arts, the sciences and ourselves. The book brings us up to date with how in fact we are now able to live a longer life.  Subsequently, teaching us not to give up on our belief and dreams even when the whole world is against us.

I recommend this book to everyone.

 Written by Jeyran Main

This book was given to me by Dr. James Okun for a review.

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9 Comments on “The History of New Innovations in Modern Medicine by Dr. James D. Okun MD, Evangelita Goodwell (Book Review #16)

  1. I love reading history books that include the personal life information and how that played a role in the lives of the people that changed the world. Sounds like a great book.

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    • This book is free right now. If you wish to buy it’s on amazon. The Author is currently number one on Amazon.


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