Changing Your Path by Bibiana Krall

I have some exciting news for you all! Bibiana Krall has honored us with her beautiful pen in writing, offering us her thoughts and reflections. She is the Author of many books. You can visit her Amazon Page & her Website to check it out!
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Changing Your Path by Bibiana Krall

My name is Bibiana Krall; I am a novelist, full-time grad student of creative writing, mother, and wife. Thank you so much for having me here Jeyran!
Today I want to talk about embracing change and how to face your fears to propel you into seeking your better self.
Two years ago I quit my steady corporate job and decided to begin writing novels full time, along with pursuing my master’s degree. It had been a dream since age five for me, and then life happened. I have come to the honest conclusion that I simply wasn’t ready yet.
January can be an amazing month where we are renewed by the hope of a new year. We can also be crippled by the fear of the changes that may come when we move forward. I am forty-eight years old and look around my peer group with an important question for you, especially women.
Have you noted the laundry list of resolutions in your mind and then by February gave in to the feeling of dread that it was all for nothing? It isn’t and here’s why…
Change and fear of change have its place. I won’t argue that it’s scary. As you age, this feeling will only get worse. What you might ask your future self is this…Are you fearful of change or like me, fearful of not trying hard enough?
There are sacrifices involved and taking positive action is a mindful choice. If I could rewind and tell my future self how empowered I am to be here right now talking about it, I would have said do it now. Are we all killing time in wait for the perfect moment to grab life, passion, and dreams?
It is so important to realize, especially in mid-stream, that we can change, we can pursue our dreams, and it’s wonderful to want more, In fact, it’s pretty darn amazing.
The only thing holding me back was myself. I am more dynamic, satisfied and happy than I have been in years. Life should be about the journey, and I am thrilled to be totally engaged in this new adventure.
My particular goal choices may not be yours, but whatever it is that stirs your passion and gifts… this should be a priority for you right now.
The world is waiting for you to listen to your inner voice. Stop making excuses and take your motivation to another level. My wish for anyone reading this is a lush life with no regrets.


Nothing but blue skies from here, until the next goal and the next. If you have already begun, I salute you for your courage and walk with you in spirit. It has been an honor to be here today.
Until the next time- Find your peace, love, hustle and then write. Xoxo
Bibiana Krall

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  1. Thank you so much for having me as your guest! You are an inspiration Jeyran. xoxo Thank you for your beautiful post on my site as well. Mother’s are Superhero’s. Why yes, we are! ๐Ÿ™‚


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