The Buried Symbol (The Runes of Issalia #1) by Jeffrey L. Kohanek (Book Review #86)

This review was kindly requested by the Author, Jeffrey L. Kohanek

This book is like a breath of fresh air! Brock is stuck in a world where an individual’s self-worth is categorized and classed based on runes. At the beginning of the story, the author welcomes you to a beautifully described world which Brock lives in. His aunt is on her death bed; they hardly have enough money to even provide medication for her. Brock is tired of being ignored and everyone around him seems to have accepted their fate. His dying aunt informs him about a guy named Alonza that can mark him as a member of the empires ruling class and create a fake tattoo for him. Brock takes this chance and changes his destiny.

The Empire trains leaders and Brock becomes a student at the academy. As he becomes accustomed to his new way of living, he discovers special powers and secrets that change everything for him.

I found Brock’s character written to be completely relatable and it was very easy to bond with him. The supporting cast also played a strong and much-needed part of the whole tale. This was necessary and done in a very well put together plot simply because there was a need for more depth in this tale.

The pace, action, drama, and twists were nicely presented at the appropriate times. There are references to drugs, some violence, and sexual content but not anything explicit to warn you from. The fantasy world is very intriguing and there is enough compelling content to make you not want to put the book down.

There are pleasantly drawn maps and pictures within the book that make it stand out and different than others in its same genre.

I recommend this book to anyone that likes science fiction and fantasy.

Written by Jeyran Main


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