Through the Mirror – Tales & Stories by Joanna Paterson (Book Review #87)

Joanna Paterson enters us into this imaginary world of five stories; Through the Mirror, Shifting Shapes, Belle’s Diary in the Cedar Boughs, Fabled Antiquity and Landscapes & Legends.

These five stories all take part in individual settings, written with a strong poetic form of literature. There are many exemplary wordings and references to nature in a fantasy world where the sky is the limit, and everything is “Higgledy- Piggledy.”

Be warned that once you start reading this book, you will have to take in some deep breaths just to not drown yourself with the brilliant imagination of its resemblance of “Alice in Wonderland.”

In this book you can walk through the Mirror where Cinderella is thin and wears dark leather boots, cedar trees slide shoes over the sky and the moon and the sun talk. There are mystical animals referenced which are just the first story of the book.

I believe that this book is a great tale to read if you are into poems and poetic stories. This style of writing requires special skills, and not everyone can understand the meanings of the content unless they are familiar with the format of literature.

I recommend this book to individuals with the same taste in its particular genre.

Written by Jeyran Main

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