A Peripatetic Life – Reminiscences on an Eclectic Lifetime by Raymond Walley (Book Review #159)


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“I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.”

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A Peripatetic Life is a memoir written by Raymond Walley. On Friday, May 8th, 2015 Raymond gets notified that he has an advanced, inoperable and aggressive form of prostate cancer. Upon learning this he decides to publish a book about his life and hopes that his experiences can be viewed in two different ways. A warning to everyone to plan their futures better than himself and attain solid qualifications earlier in life or that life can be an object lesson and that anyone willing to study multiple subjects can succeed in whatever they do as long as they are able to learn from their successes and errors.

Raymond has done many different things in his life including being a soldier, shopkeeper, butler/cook, salesman, psychometric expert, and a university lecturer, to just name a few.


I found the book to be very interesting. The pace of the book was slow but consistent for me. The life Raymond leads is absolutely full. There isn’t one moment where he gets a break. I think that is what makes this book to be intriguing.

The chapters and the layout of the content were put together in a way to make the events easily understandable. The one thing that I believe could have made the book better was to eliminate some of the side stories and to focus on the more important ones. There were times where I felt that I really didn’t need to know all of this.

We have all been there, wanting to know what we could do to have a better life, not to waste time or regret things when we get old. We always seek wisdom so that in the end we have nothing to feel short of. If you are that person, then this book is for you.

Written by Jeyran Main

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