The Billionaire’s Virgin (Always) by Lara Love (Book Review #199)

This review was kindly requested by Lara Love

The Billionaire’s Virgin is a romance novel written about Charlotte and Pierce. The story alternates between the two narrators. Charlotte is a head designer for a fashion label. Pierce is a millionaire playboy hunk.

They met when they were teenagers and hook up. Charlotte loses her virginity to him. Eleven years later, their paths cross again but this time around, things are different. Charlotte is not one to forgive as Pierce abandoned her after she made love to him for the first time. Charlotte has not been with anyone else since then. Pierce wants her this time for sure, but can a leopard change his spots?

As I began reading this book I slowly enjoyed the back and forth between the narrators. The characters were definitely relatable and although there was not many emotional fillers or fluffed up backstories, the plot was well written. There were many explicit sex scenes within the content. Profanity is also thrown in for good measure.

I appreciated the contemporary style of the novel and enjoyed the fact that although it was a romance novel, the content was not too mushy and implausibly unrealistic. The story has some ups and downs, and there is a big twisted situation towards the end of the book, making it an interesting read.

I recommend this book to realistic romance lovers that like a happy ending.

Written by Jeyran Main

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