History of Empires by Robert Dean (Book Review #205)

Lean Stone Book Club kindly requested these short book reviews.

History of Empires is a short book written about the history of the Roman, American, and British Empires. It also covers Sparta and Babylon and their history. Since it is a short book, it is obvious that the content is not going to cover everything or at least won’t be able to cover things in detail, however, what it does do is provide a general and correct overview of each of the subject matters.

I liked how everything was nicely laid out and structurally designed. The seven chapters are not filled with fluffy content and do have a nice flow to them. I was not a big fan of the long paragraphs and would have appreciated some breaks in between, to ease the eyes. Besides that, the book is a good intro for people that want to at least have some idea about past Empires.


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