Moontide by Charlie German (Book Review #489)


Moontide is a paranormal romance novel written about Jackson, a monster that has been cursed Seventy-five years ago. If he falls in love with anyone else, they too will become like him. Hence, he sacrifices his whole life living alone in order to save others. Once he decides to finally confront his curser, he has to travel to get there, and the only person who can do that is a wonderful woman he has to try not to fall for.


The relationship between Kayla and Jackson was written beautifully. I think it was vital to show a connection and a bond beyond the normal romance you read in novels. I believe the author accomplished that. The literature was standard, and the pace was steady.

Although the work was close to fantasy and resembled a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ concept, it differed in content and storytelling. The narration swapped between Kayla and Jackson for each chapter which created a nice dynamic alteration between the characters.

The setting of the story could have benefited with a more classic approach, however, that did not take away from the enjoyment of the story.

I believe anyone that finds romance and fantasy intriguing would enjoy reading this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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