Tag: Paranormal Romance

Dark Obsessions by Delphine McClelland (Book Review #1328)

Dark obsessions is a paranormal romance novel. Skyler is a Montgomery, and with that name, she has the life everyone seeks. Wealth, prestige, and power. As an accomplished woman, she has an obsession with vampire life. Skyler is young and works as a Medical… Continue Reading “Dark Obsessions by Delphine McClelland (Book Review #1328)”

Self Studies by KATE MESSICK (Book Review #1245)

Self Studies is book one of the ‘Thorns of Charbon Institute” series. The story begins with Aphrodite, an 18-year-old girl who possesses magical power inside her. She is dominated by her master, who also appears to be after his own agenda, but when he… Continue Reading “Self Studies by KATE MESSICK (Book Review #1245)”

Wintersfall by Sarah Westill (Book Review #1073)

Wintersfall is a paranormal romance and is the first book in ‘The Guardians of Sziveria series’. It begins with Katrina Nachemir and her personal endeavour to pursue her mother and sister’s killer. She starts working with the Sziverian government and deals with them, including… Continue Reading “Wintersfall by Sarah Westill (Book Review #1073)”

Moontide by Charlie German (Book Review #489)

  Moontide is a paranormal romance novel written about Jackson, a monster that has been cursed Seventy-five years ago. If he falls in love with anyone else, they too will become like him. Hence, he sacrifices his whole life living alone in order to… Continue Reading “Moontide by Charlie German (Book Review #489)”

“My Favorite Darracia Character and Why” By Michael Phillip Cash

  “My Favorite Darracia Character and Why” By Michael Phillip Cash   When I began writing The Battle for Darracia, I knew I wanted to include some really strong female characters. I mean, strong female characters kick ass (can I say that?). Maybe I’m… Continue Reading ““My Favorite Darracia Character and Why” By Michael Phillip Cash”