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Keith Julius- In His Own Words

Keith Julius – In His Own Words         I discovered John Steinbeck in 1972, when I was 16 years old.  I had to read a book as an English assignment, and though I enjoyed reading – and even then had aspirations of… Continue Reading “Keith Julius- In His Own Words”

Writing Tips – How to be a Better Writer? by Jeyran Main

Writing Tips – How to be a Better Writer? by Jeyran Main   Some of the best tips on writing and ways of becoming a recognized author have been widely discussed in the past. Writing may come very easy to some and hard to… Continue Reading “Writing Tips – How to be a Better Writer? by Jeyran Main”

Do NOT cash out. by Daniel Abrahams

Do NOT cash out. by Daniel Abrahams I’ve entitled this third essay Do NOT cash out, because in the main self-published authors are unlikely to be securing a massive book deal, especially after it has spent months sat on your Amazon page or website.

A Breath Before Sunrise By Jamie Horwath (Book Review #472)

A breath before sunrise is a novella written about a story set in the future. People live underground in a world where they can stay away from a strange deadly cell structure that takes various forms.

Releasing my book was just the tip of the iceberg By Joshua Shea

Releasing my book was just the tip of the iceberg By Joshua Shea There it was, late January of this year and aside from family and friends, I really hadn’t sold many books, maybe 30 or 40. Perhaps that’s all that would happen.

Vanished by Mark Bierman (Book Review #471)

Vanished is a story about two people John and Tyler, trying to retrieve a little girl who has been stolen and sold by human traffickers. The couple goes through many obstacles in order to find the girl. The race is on when the time… Continue Reading “Vanished by Mark Bierman (Book Review #471)”

Finish What You Have Started by Jeyran Main

Finish What You Have Started by Jeyran Main “Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they started.” David Allen There are many things in our lives that we wish to… Continue Reading “Finish What You Have Started by Jeyran Main”

Hyperspace Radio by James Beach (Book Review #468)

  Hyperspace is a collection of short stories, that contains a wide range of diverse genre’s, pleasing every kind of reader. While the author focused more on the science fiction and fantasy side, the content did reflect a nice portion of fiction and humor.… Continue Reading “Hyperspace Radio by James Beach (Book Review #468)”

The Intervention by Patrick Roberts (Book Review #467)

The intervention is a sci-fi story about Jeff Ridsdale. He is an ordinary man who happens to get knocked by the wave unconscious. The Kareet, take him and take over his body for the intention of conquering the world. Their intentions are to intervene… Continue Reading “The Intervention by Patrick Roberts (Book Review #467)”