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Sell More of Your Books with Video by Andrew Woods

Andrew sells hundreds of books per month on LinkedIn using articles, posts, groups, and Slide Share. Here’s a short video on how you can use your existing content to make great promotional materials on LinkedIn to drive your book sales. 

Fiction Writers Are People Too by Rod A. Walters

Fiction Writers Are People Too by Rod A. Walters That’s silly. Of course, they are people. WHY SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS WRITE FICTION! Still, I never fail to learn something of direct use during an evening with this good fiction-people. You know you’ve had… Continue Reading “Fiction Writers Are People Too by Rod A. Walters”

A New Perspective on Human Rights

National Dictionary Day

Celebrate today by learning a new word every day. This day was created in honor of Noah Webster’s birthday. It is set to emphasize the importance of learning and using the dictionary. 

Beethoven – Love Letters of Great Men

Though still in bed, my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved, now and then joyfully, then sadly, waiting to learn whether or not fate will hear us – I can live only wholly with you or not at all –

INSPIRATION by Dennis Scheel

INSPIRATION by Dennis Scheel “Don’t annoy the Author, he/ she can put you in their book and kill you off.”– A phrase often used by the author posters or mugs. This phrase got me thinking intensely about the ways writers as myself included get inspired… Continue Reading “INSPIRATION by Dennis Scheel”

A Recipe for Love: A Lesbian Culinary Romance by Lucy J. Madison (Book Review #498)

A recipe for love is a fictional story about Danika. Her life has never been about herself, and as she retires from her long-term job, she realizes that for once she has a chance to do something with her life.

Owning Bipolar by Michael G. Pipich, MS. LMFT (Book Review #497)

Owning bipolar is a psychology self-help book designed to provide you with the basics of the disorder, and how to live with this disease. It attempts to compartmentalize the issue by dividing it into three sections. The book also entails stories of people who… Continue Reading “Owning Bipolar by Michael G. Pipich, MS. LMFT (Book Review #497)”

Purple Pup by Karl Steam (Book Review #496)

Purple Pup is a sweet novel about Lav a purple pup. He has been genetically modified, and due to his DNA capabilities, he is not only purple, but he is also unique in his own way. He is treated differently than the other animals,… Continue Reading “Purple Pup by Karl Steam (Book Review #496)”