Tag: comedy

Revolution by David Dorrough (Book Review #1365)

Revolution Is a dark humor fictional tale, and its added contemporary comedic element creates a very interesting read. Bill and Yvonne Smede are two middle-aged protagonists living in California, introducing all the drama that comes with their life, friends and relations.

THE GOPHER KING by Gojan Nikolich (Book Review#829)

The Gopher King is a dark comedy story about Stan Przewalski. He lives in a PTSD fueled world where he remembers and daily punishes himself for what he perceives as a cowardly past.

Horn-Horn, Cracked (The Horn -Horn Series Book 2) by A. D. T. Mclellan (Book Review #707)

Horn-Horn, Cracked is a young adult comedy fantasy novel written about Cassie. Book two is a continuation of book one. Cassie goes back to school. Pete, a convicted murderer, is astray and causes chaos in town. Cassie somehow gets pulled into the whole ordeal… Continue Reading “Horn-Horn, Cracked (The Horn -Horn Series Book 2) by A. D. T. Mclellan (Book Review #707)”

Run Away, Lizzy by Elizabeth J. Sparrow (Book Review #621)

Run away, Lizzy is a romantic comedy book written about Lizzy and Reilly. Lizzy has a very interesting life, being a daddy’s girl and enjoying the luxuries that come with it. She meets Reilly when she is 10, and his charm really makes an… Continue Reading “Run Away, Lizzy by Elizabeth J. Sparrow (Book Review #621)”