We have all been there…wanting to do more, get more accomplished and helping our community. What we are not necessarily taught is how to say no with tact and mindfulness. Before you consider this a negative post and walk away, please just listen for a moment.

Life for all of us in 2017 is busy, excruciatingly busy. Focus has become a rare gem and what we are left with is a frazzled mess inside our minds and our lives.

Lately, the stress levels in my life have been higher than normal. There are many reasons for this. Loss of loved ones, deadlines and juggling life. I am sure you can relate to your own experience as well.

Flyor Y Fuego by Bibiana Krall (Book Review #59)

I want to do more, get it all done and help my friends whenever I can. When I wake up in the morning I have a solid plan, but then someone reaches out and asks, “Can you help me with this?” and you truly don’t have one more second to spare… do you say yes or no?

I have been kicking this question around a lot lately. Having the energy to add more can be a feat well beyond just getting your tasks done. So I am asking you to consider the possibility of simplifying and not choosing no as a daily option, but to use your wisdom. Listen to your heart when you know you cannot do your best.

There is nothing more difficult than realizing that you and I are both human and we need to have time for ourselves, our family and simply to breathe and take in life. Teach yourself diplomacy and whether you say yes or no, be true to what will be accomplished and can be accomplished in the time you have and proceed with grace and passion.

Prospect Hill by Bibiana Krall (Book Review #54)


The most beautiful aspect of the art of saying no is honesty, integrity, and respect. Needless to say, this goes both ways, and in the long run, you will know this truth. Just to throw a little wrench in this philosophy, there is always tomorrow, and you can schedule in that little extra then.

Just give yourself a break from time to time, because you are awesome and you deserve it.

Bibiana Krall is a novelist, short story writer, blogger, graduate student, mother, and wife. WWW.BIBIANAKRALL.COM

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