Combat Medic by S.M. Boney IV (Book Review #141)

This review was kindly requested by Samuel Boney

Here is a link to his website.

Many Veterans enlist purely to serve their country without fully comprehending the environment they are going to be living in and the things that they are about to see. Besides the obvious emotional culture shock, facing death, injuries and working under extreme stressful settings, these courageous people come home having to go back to family and are expected to live a normal life.

No amount of training before, during or after the war can really prepare them for what is out there and of course, this book provides a glimpse into a life of just one, Private Boney.

Samuel Boney joined the Army in 2003. He was sent to Iraq facing gruesome scenes, assisting in casualties working as a combat medic. After coming home he begins battling with Post Traumatic Stress. It is very hard to come back home and to be expected to act ordinary as if you have been on vacation. The ghosts of the past do follow you wherever you go, and the flashbacks are real. I particularly enjoyed the authentic style of writing and expression of emotions the author uses to fully grab the readers heart. The content flows like a river of emotions, fully connecting you to the past, present, and future of this veteran’s life.

The author even warns you at the beginning of the book that nothing about the story is pretty and for us to be expecting the truth about everything he experienced.

Combat Medic is a story of survival, sacrifice, and real emotions. I look forward to reading more from this author and recommend this book to anyone that is tough enough to face the reality of what our Veterans go through.

Written Jeyran Main

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