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Antitheus by G. A. Minton (Book Review #375)

Antitheus is a dark horror fantasy novel situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. An evil incarnate attacks the minister in an inn while a group of clergymen is on retreat. As they begin to figure out what is going on, they realize that they… Continue Reading “Antitheus by G. A. Minton (Book Review #375)”

Legends of Perilisc by Jesse Teller (Book Review #139)

The Legends of Perilisc is a science fiction book with a collection of eight short stories that feature the beginnings of the Second Age of Perilisc. Each of these stories provides the reader with a more in-depth understanding of the history in the realm.… Continue Reading “Legends of Perilisc by Jesse Teller (Book Review #139)”

Chaste by Jesse Teller (Book Review #135)

This review was requested by Rebeka Teller. Chaste is a dark, horror fantasy story written about a girl named Cheryl. This is the third book of the tales from Perilisc. Chaste is a town suffering from a plague. The town is dedicated to Cory-lyn-ber,… Continue Reading “Chaste by Jesse Teller (Book Review #135)”

Liefdom by Jesse Teller (Book Review #118)

One thing is for sure; this is not your ordinary fairy style fantasy story. A violent fairy called Gentry Mandrake lives in a city named Liefdom. He is very smart and talented. The first thing about him is that he is born as an… Continue Reading “Liefdom by Jesse Teller (Book Review #118)”