Category: Science Fiction

Tranquillity by Jon D. Zimmer (Book Review #491)

  Tranquillity is the second book in the death chronicles. Based on the first book Michael was a scientist, returning to earth. Angelica was an attractive hallucinatory, and Dominic was seeking domination of the earth. In the second book, Michael is adapted to Earth… Continue Reading “Tranquillity by Jon D. Zimmer (Book Review #491)”

Bollywood Invasion by Ricardo Alexanders (Book Review #486)

Bollywood invasion is a fictional story about a boy going back in time and living his dream. John Palmieri finds himself as a prince named, Raj Scindia in India. I particularly enjoyed where Raj starts his own band. His attempt at gaining the attention… Continue Reading “Bollywood Invasion by Ricardo Alexanders (Book Review #486)”

Entangled Earth by David Lea (Book Review #484)

Entangled earth is a sci-fi novel about a high energy physics experiment gone wrong causing invisible intrusions from a parallel world. When Mia Green and her friend, Celeste are in Paris, things take a wrong turn. An attack happens and that triggers an interesting… Continue Reading “Entangled Earth by David Lea (Book Review #484)”

The Blood Prince by Marie Blanchet (Book Review #481)

The blood prince is a story about an empress who is evil and a fallen prince seeking to take the throne. By rallying his supporters Gangav, the prince truly tries to pick a fight. However, things take a bad turn, and he has to… Continue Reading “The Blood Prince by Marie Blanchet (Book Review #481)”

Taken with a Dark Desire by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #476)

Taken with a dark desire is a fantasy story about Lucifer. He wants a ring that belongs to a world of which he should not get involved with. Therefore, he sends someone else to do the deed for him. Claus needs to kidnap Daniel… Continue Reading “Taken with a Dark Desire by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #476)”

Access Universe by R.S. Hill (Book Review #473)

Access Universe is a science fiction novel written about Silver Rainwater, a Native American student who participates in a game that tests her moral compass. As she continues to work with the challenges. She notices some crucial things about the system she is facing.… Continue Reading “Access Universe by R.S. Hill (Book Review #473)”

Hyperspace Radio by James Beach (Book Review #468)

  Hyperspace is a collection of short stories, that contains a wide range of diverse genre’s, pleasing every kind of reader. While the author focused more on the science fiction and fantasy side, the content did reflect a nice portion of fiction and humor.… Continue Reading “Hyperspace Radio by James Beach (Book Review #468)”

The Intervention by Patrick Roberts (Book Review #467)

The intervention is a sci-fi story about Jeff Ridsdale. He is an ordinary man who happens to get knocked by the wave unconscious. The Kareet, take him and take over his body for the intention of conquering the world. Their intentions are to intervene… Continue Reading “The Intervention by Patrick Roberts (Book Review #467)”

Manna City: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller by Geoffrey Pierce (Book Review #458)

Manna City is a science fiction story written in a post-apocalyptic world. People live in harsh environments but still remain having hope and Nista is nine months pregnant, starving.   Her situation is not good and her husband, Dane thinks she is losing her… Continue Reading “Manna City: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller by Geoffrey Pierce (Book Review #458)”