Science Fiction

Escape from Ancient Egypt – (The Neiko Adventure Saga Book 2) by A. K. Taylor (Book Review #30)

  This review is written for Online Book Club. “I rate this book 2 out of 4 stars.” Neiko is an Indian Admiral and a strong warrior girl of Hawote, the hidden land that coexisted with the United States, Canada, and Mexico. There are seven tribes in this story. Neiko is loved by many and has the support and loyalty of her own tribe, and her allies are willing to die for her. The Crackedskulls, Prince Bloodhawk, Raven, and Francesco are all []

The Brotherhood of Merlin Book Two: Lycenea by Rory Nelson (Book Review #445)

The Brotherhood of Merlin is the second book of a fantasy series book written about Merlin. My initial concern was that since this was the second book of its series, I would fail to catch up on the foundation of the storyline. I was rest assured that this matter was not going to be the case. Although I was pleasantly surprised with the situation, I still felt that I would have benefited from reading book one, beforehand.