Category: Science Fiction

(Un) Graceful Cat (Un) Series by B. A. Gabrielle (Book Review #437)

(Un) Graceful Cat (Un) Series is a story about a young girl named Amelia Fafnir. She strives to win her mother’s approval, but her attention is more swayed towards Amelia’s sister. One incident causes her to enter a world where spirits exist. The spirits… Continue Reading “(Un) Graceful Cat (Un) Series by B. A. Gabrielle (Book Review #437)”

Man O’ War by Dan Jones (Book Review #427)

Man O’ War is a science fiction thriller and focuses on Dhiraj Om. He is a jelly fisherman seeking finds that he could sell just to get his life going. The story is set in London. Once he catches a pleasure robot, he knows… Continue Reading “Man O’ War by Dan Jones (Book Review #427)”

Lily and the Enchanted Forest by Victor A. Wilkie (Book Review #24)

Olympus is in trouble as the God of war is vowing to kill Darius and Occam, slay the demon wolf and take the lady of the forest for his own pleasures. The good has to come together and fight against the evil or else… Continue Reading “Lily and the Enchanted Forest by Victor A. Wilkie (Book Review #24)”

No Way Back – The Underworlds by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #285)

No way back is a science fiction fantasy novel written about Daniel and Denida. As they experiment creating an ancient gate, Daniel passes through the gate. Denida realizes that his son has now disappeared, he follows through in order to save him from whatever… Continue Reading “No Way Back – The Underworlds by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #285)”

Codex of Darkness (Tenets of Exile Book 2) by E. P. Stein (Book Review #424)

Following the first book titled “Codex of Light,” this fantasy series continues with the Codex of darkness. It was understood that Dallet was on a mission to carry a Codex in shape of a book with powers. He and his friends now have acquired… Continue Reading “Codex of Darkness (Tenets of Exile Book 2) by E. P. Stein (Book Review #424)”

C3 (46. Ascending) by Sherrie Cronin (Book Review #423)

C3 is the fourth book of its series. The story is about a teenage girl from Texas. She possesses some powers that are uncontrollable. When a stranger offers her a chance to be more than what she is, the opportunity is hard to pass.… Continue Reading “C3 (46. Ascending) by Sherrie Cronin (Book Review #423)”

Powerful by S.N. Lemoing (Book Review #254)

This review was kindly requested by S. N. Lemoing. Powerful is the first novel of its series, translated from French. The dystopian story revolves around the magical world of Harcilor. The story is set in a magical world with enchanted creatures. There are two… Continue Reading “Powerful by S.N. Lemoing (Book Review #254)”

Monsters Exist by Theresa Braun (Book Review #259)

This is a horror fiction book written as a collection of stories by several authors. What makes this book special is its diversity and selection of various style of writing and skills combined into one. Each author tells a story and each one is… Continue Reading “Monsters Exist by Theresa Braun (Book Review #259)”

The Rose Crown by Catharine Glen (Book Review #263)

The Rose Crown is a dark fantasy novel written about a soldier named Marian who is trying to stop a mysterious cult from restoring a relic of legend. Marian is an Elite soldier and her job is to protect the royal family, however, when… Continue Reading “The Rose Crown by Catharine Glen (Book Review #263)”