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How to Write The Best Book Review

Hello, Book Lovers! Authors pour their heart, time, and effort into writing their book. They then spend hours searching and speaking to many publishers to find the best possible way to distribute their work without giving all of the profit to the publisher. Sometimes… Continue Reading “How to Write The Best Book Review”

Sean Goes to Barcelona by Tanya Preminger (Book Review #528)

Sean goes to Barcelona is a children’s book about Sean finally managing to meet his superhero, Messi the famous soccer player. His family travel to Barcelona and take him to a match for him to see his idol at play. Sean’s personality remains to… Continue Reading “Sean Goes to Barcelona by Tanya Preminger (Book Review #528)”

Sean Tackles London by Tanya Premingera (Book Review #527)

Sean Tackles London is a children’s book about Sean. He is a little boy who likes to play soccer/football. They spend family time in London and again we have Sean who still manages to have an argumentative nature towards demanding things he wants.

Sean wants to be Messi by Tanya Preminger  (Book Review #526)

Sean wants to be Messi is a children’s book about Sean struggling to convince everyone that he wants to be as good Messy. While everyone constantly tells him to be quiet or to do as he is told, he defies all requests and insists on… Continue Reading “Sean wants to be Messi by Tanya Preminger  (Book Review #526)”

Winter Song (Day in a Life of a Kid) by Anetta Kotowicz (Book Review #519)

Winter Song is a long picture children’s book created in the interdisciplinary and nature-oriented Arts Kindred book series.

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! What Do People Do? Many Canadians have a day off work on December 25 and many spend the day with close relatives or friends. It is customary to exchange gifts, enjoy a special festive meal and, perhaps, attend a special church service.… Continue Reading “Christmas Day”

Christmas Eve

What Do People Do? Many people in Canada have to work on Christmas Eve, but it is also a day of preparation for the approaching holidays. Some people buy last-minute Christmas gifts for family members and friends while others wrap presents that they bought… Continue Reading “Christmas Eve”

SUDDENLY SINGLE SYLVIA adapted to the screen!

SUDDENLY SINGLE SYLVIA adapted to the screen!   It was actually a TV pilot script before it was a novella and dating guide. One year after the release of the paperback and kindle, “Suddenly Single Sylvia” on Amazon, we were on set with talented actors and… Continue Reading “SUDDENLY SINGLE SYLVIA adapted to the screen!”

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, 1817 (Book Review # 2)

Summary “Northanger Abbey is the light-hearted account of a young girl’s first excursion into fashionable society. Catherine Morland is taken to Bath where, among a crowd of new acquaintances, she meets Henry Tilney and his sister Eleanor, who invite get to stay at their… Continue Reading “Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, 1817 (Book Review # 2)”