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Freefall – A Divine Comedy by Lily Iona Mackenzie (Book Review #511)

Freefall is a fictional tale about Tillie, an aspiring artist. She decides to reunite with her friends and after an accident while hiking; they become closer and decide to travel to Italy in order to celebrate the millennium.

Fires of Lothia by Katherine Bryant (Book Review #510)

Fired of Lothia is a novella telling the story of Branna. Branna is a strong girl with high spirits who can ride a horse and fight along men using a sword. The story is short but quite eventful.

Life is a test by Ryan Bey (Book Review #505)

Life is a test, reads like a self-help book written with the intent to provide an insightful look towards the living and existence.

Berkley, A Nose Tale by David Hillman (Book Review #504)

Berkley, A Nose Tale is a funny story about a dog who is a little different. Berkley is always sticking his nose where it does not belong. He is a beagle and basset hound mix, possessing the biggest sniffer in the litter. His nose,…

The Messy Joys of Being Human by Helen Rosenau (Book Review #503)

The messy joys of being human is a self-help book about changing your life in the matter of creating an atmosphere which promotes a happier mood and a happier you.

Crown (The Manhunters Book Three) by Jesse Teller (Book Review #502)

Crown is the third book in the Man hunter’s trilogy. This dark fantasy novel continues its adventure with Rayph and his team. In this story, the immortal source of chaos are running free and Rayph has to stop them. Things aren’t the same and…

10x Your Life: A Practical Guide to Accomplishing Your Dreams By Kit Ryan (Book Review #501)

10 x your life is a self-help book providing the reader a practical way of changing the way they think. The book is designed to teach them how to modify their lives and to be able to achieve their goals.  

Hemlock. By Jesse Teller (Book Review #500)

Hemlock is another masterpiece written by Jesse Teller. I have read over 5 books from this author, and I knew from the start that this one was not going to disappoint me either. I think what stands out is, his superb skill of fantasy…

How to Survive a Family Court by Jessica Stark (Book Review #499)

  How to survive a family court is a self-help book written to provide adequate advice on what to do when you are facing a divorce. Having gone through a painful journey getting divorced through the American court system, the author pens a book…