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My Book Group

  Hello, My Dear Followers, I wanted to let you all know about this wonderful group I have on facebook. I have included a link below. It’s a great way to promote your book if you are an author and allows you to meet… Continue Reading “My Book Group”

The Confessions of a Reluctant Blogger –by boringbug

The Confessions of a Reluctant Blogger – by boringbug As I sit in a cafeteria and mesmerize at my newly developed love for French Press, I cannot help but ponder over a youngster’s plea seeking his way towards the world of blogging. A conversation… Continue Reading “The Confessions of a Reluctant Blogger –by boringbug”

Across the Mediums by Dennis Scheel

Across the Mediums by Dennis Scheel   There are many forms a story can be told; a book, a game, tv series or even a movie. All of these which has their own style of telling and possible benefits and downsides. And those that were… Continue Reading “Across the Mediums by Dennis Scheel”

Writing Helped Save My Job by Mark Bierman

Writing Helped Save My Job by Mark Bierman “I’m done with all of it,” I thought aloud to our empty house in the fall of 2010. My wife and our two girls had gone shopping, and I was on a day off from my job… Continue Reading “Writing Helped Save My Job by Mark Bierman”

How to Write A Book? by Jeyran Main

How to Write A Book? by Jeyran Main   There are fundamental steps in order to write a book. Many authors work differently but based on the many books I have read and reviews, I have written, I believe the following is the best… Continue Reading “How to Write A Book? by Jeyran Main”

3 Types of Novel by Petra Jacob

3 Types of Novel by Petra Jacob Finding your focus when writing a novel can be tricky but it’s essential. I’ve read some self-published books with great story ideas and beautiful writing, but the focus wasn’t there, and that made it a chore to keep… Continue Reading “3 Types of Novel by Petra Jacob”

Taken with a Dark Desire by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #476)

Taken with a dark desire is a fantasy story about Lucifer. He wants a ring that belongs to a world of which he should not get involved with. Therefore, he sends someone else to do the deed for him. Claus needs to kidnap Daniel… Continue Reading “Taken with a Dark Desire by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #476)”

Should you follow your dreams? by Petra Jacob

Should you follow your dreams? by Petra Jacob This is one of those questions that messes with your mind. People who have succeeded in achieving their aspirations say, Yes! Don’t ever give up! While those who ditched them to live a sensible existence often look… Continue Reading “Should you follow your dreams? by Petra Jacob”

Free Flow Writing by Jeyran Main

Free Flow Writing by Jeyran Main   Free Flow Writing is a technique used when a person writes continuously without dedicating any time towards checking if the work has any spelling, grammar, or other mistakes. A complete disregard of the rules takes place to… Continue Reading “Free Flow Writing by Jeyran Main”