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3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in a Relationship by Jeyran Main

There are times when women make mistakes in their relationships. We are all humans and things are not always going to be perfect. Mistakes that are made are not to say that you are now left with no choice of return but to say,… Continue Reading “3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in a Relationship by Jeyran Main”

Seven Ways to Overcome Fear by Jeyran Main

Seven Ways to Overcome Fear   How can you get out of your comfort zone? Fear is what sets you back from growing. If you don’t overcome them, you limit your experiences and fall back by isolating yourself. By expanding your comfort zone, you… Continue Reading “Seven Ways to Overcome Fear by Jeyran Main”

Emotionally Destructive Marriage by Jeyran Main

When a relationship feels like you are being regularly abused, squashed, dominated, demeaned, degraded, deceived, or dismissed, then you are in an emotionally destructive marriage.   The living situation is lethal to the personhood of the individual so, the effects of being in an… Continue Reading “Emotionally Destructive Marriage by Jeyran Main”

How to Get More Done by Jeyran Main

How to Get More Done   Today I want to talk about how to be more productive and beat procrastination. When you’re old enough to have more freedom and the set routine is broken, everything is based on whatever you wish to do without… Continue Reading “How to Get More Done by Jeyran Main”

Don’t Force It by Jeyran Main

Don’t Force It by Jeyran Main Today I wish to talk about an important issue that may come across your life. There may come a time where you force certain things on your life. You make sure that they are accomplished whether you are… Continue Reading “Don’t Force It by Jeyran Main”

A Message To My Younger Self Written by Jeyran Main

A Message To My Younger Self I have wanted to write this article for a while. At the age of 35, I feel that due to many unforeseen occurrences, I have had to go through a lot. Whether it has been hardship or success,… Continue Reading “A Message To My Younger Self Written by Jeyran Main”

Instead of “Sorry” try saying “Thank you” – Written by Jeyran Main

We lead such hectic lives, and it is possible to miss some of those never-ending lists of things that need doing. Letting people down or being late for certain things may become a habit and before you know it, you realize that you are… Continue Reading “Instead of “Sorry” try saying “Thank you” – Written by Jeyran Main”

Japanese Method To Relax In 5 Minutes

I would like to share with you a method that helps you relax in just five minutes! Each finger is responsible for a certain emotion. The thumb fights ANXIETY The Forefinger deals with FEAR The middle finger deals with ANGER AND OFFENCE The ring… Continue Reading “Japanese Method To Relax In 5 Minutes”

How did cats become pets?

How did cats become a pet? Throughout our lives, we have been taught and told many things. Some we have just accepted and some we have questioned. Did any of you here ever think as a kid, how did cats become pets? Why cats?… Continue Reading “How did cats become pets?”