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Holly’s Hurricane by Marie Carter (Book Review #551)

Holly‚Äôs hurricane is a historical fiction set in 2040. A hurricane hits New York badly causing Holly to move to England and live with her ailing parents. While she deals with her new environment, falling in love and dealing with her professional capabilities, she… Continue Reading “Holly’s Hurricane by Marie Carter (Book Review #551)”

Strange Events Even for an Apocalypse By Jamie Horwath (Book Review #530)

  Strange events even for an apocalypse is a science fiction story about John Brightman. John is a prisoner and has certain important information implanted in his occipital lobe. Ashley, an agent, decides to rescue John and to take him to the elders, underground.… Continue Reading “Strange Events Even for an Apocalypse By Jamie Horwath (Book Review #530)”

CHALLENGES OF THE GODS by C. Hofsetz (Book Review #524)

Challenges of the Gods is a fictional story about a man who somehow falls into a secondary world where it is neither heaven nor hell. There, he realizes that he has been chosen to destroy Earth. He is returned with a different body meets… Continue Reading “CHALLENGES OF THE GODS by C. Hofsetz (Book Review #524)”

Evolution by Cody Toye (Book Review #281)

Evolution is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, fantasy novel written about a world where humans are hiding to survive from a human-made scientific experiment – gone wrong. It all began when Joan Redman found a pod producing plant that created little frogs by using no water… Continue Reading “Evolution by Cody Toye (Book Review #281)”