Category: Fantasy

Lockheed Elite by Tyler Wandschneider (Book Review #323)

Lockheed Elite Tyler is a sci-fi crime adventure story. The book is about a group of savages scouring for treasure and goodies. They are a good team but, deal on the edge of the law. The Galactic Command is after them and when the… Continue Reading “Lockheed Elite by Tyler Wandschneider (Book Review #323)”

Bernie and the Wizards (The Universe Builders) by Steve Lebel (Book Review #324)

Bernie and the Wizards is an epic fantasy novel. This story is written about Bernie. He is a God who fixes universes. He cares about humanity, and Photox is in trouble. While the life of Photox is at stake, Bernie has to stop a… Continue Reading “Bernie and the Wizards (The Universe Builders) by Steve Lebel (Book Review #324)”

The Temptation of Dragons by Chrys Cymri (Book Review #69)

  True to its name, The Temptation of Dragons is a fantasy novel about a priest girl wandering in a world where dragons, vampires, werewolves, and unicorns live. The whole story I believe pans out as a love interest following Raven, the dragon, falling… Continue Reading “The Temptation of Dragons by Chrys Cymri (Book Review #69)”

Fall to Earth by Ken Britz (Book Review #322)

Fall to earth is a Sci-fi fantasy novel written about Indiana Beckam. Her life ambition and dream is to be the best swordsman. She joins Arthur Macbabran, a scientist that has invented a device that can make or break the world. Indiana transforms so… Continue Reading “Fall to Earth by Ken Britz (Book Review #322)”

1001 Islands by K. T. Munson (Book Review #312)

1001 islands is a Sci-Fi Fantasy novel written in a sea world where 1001 Islands posses characters such as witches, pirates, a princess and much more. There are multiple storylines, two of which have romantic hints to it and each plot is as intriguing as the next.… Continue Reading “1001 Islands by K. T. Munson (Book Review #312)”

Legends of Deceit by Rebekkah Ford (Book Review #310)

Legends of deceit is a fantasy novel written about a girl named Haven. When she comes home one day after a trip to see her parents murdered, her life turns upside down. Larkin, a handsome soldier, convinces her to come with him to a… Continue Reading “Legends of Deceit by Rebekkah Ford (Book Review #310)”

The Sixth Gate by K. T. Munson (Book Review #309)

The Sixth Gate is a Sci-Fi Fantasy story about Dr. Elisabeth, a half human – demon who happens to prefer ignoring her demon side. The world consists of five planets and the Netherworld. Elizabeth is a good seer. When all of the other seers are assassinated,… Continue Reading “The Sixth Gate by K. T. Munson (Book Review #309)”

Gallery Of Life by Mirfarhad Moghimi (Book Review #304)

Gallery of Life is a poetic book written with a deep and nourishing touch of appreciation for life and existence.