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Information Barrage by Keith Julius

Information Barrage by Keith Julius          As I was filling my car’s gas tank the other day, I couldn’t help but notice the small video monitor built into the fuel dispenser, advertising products I don’t need and promoting services I was uninterested in. It… Continue Reading “Information Barrage by Keith Julius”


THE FOURTH COURIER: AN INTERVIEW WITH TIMOTHY JAY SMITH You have a new novel coming out, The Fourth Courier, set in Poland. What’s it about?   The Fourth Courier opens in the spring of 1992, only four months after the collapse of the Soviet… Continue Reading “THE FOURTH COURIER: AN INTERVIEW WITH TIMOTHY JAY SMITH”

Do you have to be a nerd to read science fiction? by Clive Fleury

Do you have to be a nerd to read science fiction? by Clive Fleury   What do Leonard DiCaprio, Nicolas Cage, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, and Ben Stiller have in common? Yes, I know they all movie stars but besides that? They are all… Continue Reading “Do you have to be a nerd to read science fiction? by Clive Fleury”

Cold Betrayal by A.J. McCarthy (Book Review #539)

Cold betrayal is a fiction thriller story about Victoria Anderson trying to find Danny. She has to find him so bad that she travels all the way from Florida to Quebec, Canada. The story unfolds many ups and down in her attempt to find… Continue Reading “Cold Betrayal by A.J. McCarthy (Book Review #539)”

Descriptions by Keith Julius

Descriptions by Keith Julius          I love descriptive passages in books, the kinds that grab hold and yank you away from the humdrum concerns of everyday life. One of the great things about reading is it allows you to escape from reality for a… Continue Reading “Descriptions by Keith Julius”

An Article by Damien Larkin

When I was ten, I had a grading at my Tae Kwon Do club. If I passed, it meant I would move up to a more advanced belt. How much preparation did I do? Virtually, none.


THE PURSUIT OF HEALTH by Valeria Teles  I went for a run because I had eaten a small, organic dark chocolate cookie the day before and I felt that I had to punish myself. It was habitual for me to punish myself with strenuous, caloric… Continue Reading “THE PURSUIT OF HEALTH by Valeria Teles”

Submit Early, Submit Often by Walter Rhein

    Submit Early, Submit Often by Walter Rhein   Let’s face it, it’s always a buyer’s market in the writing world. As authors, we are constantly on the lookout for new publishing opportunities, but the markets we approach rarely reserve much courtesy for… Continue Reading “Submit Early, Submit Often by Walter Rhein”

Title 2 by Keith Julius 

  My last article dealt with titles, and how important they are to lure the reader into a story.  Titles should be evocative, inspiring questions and wonder, yet at the same time, they should also tell the reader something about the book.  I have… Continue Reading “Title 2 by Keith Julius “