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The Religious Problem by Dennis Scheel 

I’m not religious, but sure some are, so this is merely my view. Religion has always been a serious issue, which for some people can go to the extremes.

That Which Must Happen by Lanza Sebastiano (Book Review #513)

  That which must happen is a literary novel about a boy named Benjamin who can see what is to happen in the future. While he has this power and is able to stop certain things from, happening, he does not. However, things take… Continue Reading “That Which Must Happen by Lanza Sebastiano (Book Review #513)”

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

Powerful Literary Quotes From Books Revolutionary Road Author: Richard Yates Year: 1961 “No one forgets the truth; they just get better at lying.”  

Titles 1 – by Keith Julius

Titles 1 – by Keith Julius William Shakespeare wrote: “What is a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” We can also use this rationale when discussing titles of movies, plays, television shows – or books.

Series Writing by Keith Julius

Series Writing by Keith Julius          There are definite advantages to writing a series of books.  Once the characters are developed they aren’t abandoned.  You have the opportunity to use them over and over again.  This gives you a big start on your next… Continue Reading “Series Writing by Keith Julius”

Fiction Writers Are People Too by Rod A. Walters

Fiction Writers Are People Too by Rod A. Walters That’s silly. Of course, they are people. WHY SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS WRITE FICTION! Still, I never fail to learn something of direct use during an evening with this good fiction-people. You know you’ve had… Continue Reading “Fiction Writers Are People Too by Rod A. Walters”

How to Read Many Books in a Short Amount of Time by Jeyran Main

How to Read Many Books in a Short Amount of Time by Jeyran Main Having a busy book blog like this one comes with many emails and requests from authors wanting me to have a look at their work and reviewing them. Not to… Continue Reading “How to Read Many Books in a Short Amount of Time by Jeyran Main”

Hyperspace Radio by James Beach (Book Review #468)

  Hyperspace is a collection of short stories, that contains a wide range of diverse genre’s, pleasing every kind of reader. While the author focused more on the science fiction and fantasy side, the content did reflect a nice portion of fiction and humor.… Continue Reading “Hyperspace Radio by James Beach (Book Review #468)”

The Shatter Point by Jon O’Bergh (Book Review #465)

The Shatter Point is a horror fiction written in the Pasadena. Donna and Phil have moved into a neighborhood and create a place called the torture place. They tape the experience and then post it online.   The book is a perfect Halloween gift.… Continue Reading “The Shatter Point by Jon O’Bergh (Book Review #465)”