Tag: Psychology & Philosophy

Happy to meet me by Calista J. McBride (Book Review #703)

Happy to meet me is a journal made to provide an endless life of self-exploration. Its goal is to make the writer feel a shift in their thoughts, feelings and life. It contains deliberately placed prompts to stimulate deep insights and asks you to… Continue Reading “Happy to meet me by Calista J. McBride (Book Review #703)”

Hamartia by Ben Hoene (Book Review #687)

Hamartia is a dark fictional story about Natasha. Thirty years ago, something really awful happened to Natasha, imprinting deep and unforgettable scars on her soul, body and mind. She is mentally ill, on drugs and in her forties when she finally confesses to what… Continue Reading “Hamartia by Ben Hoene (Book Review #687)”

Never stop dancing by John Robinette and Robert Jacoby (Book Review #696)

Never stop dancing is a Memoir. The book is written about grief, friendships and love. The loss of John’s wife is the prominent and most impactful part of the content. The loss truly moves his home and world, and as he grieves over the… Continue Reading “Never stop dancing by John Robinette and Robert Jacoby (Book Review #696)”

Find Your Inner Gold by Karen Hood- Caddy (Book Review #675)

Find your inner gold is a self-help book providing 21 ways as a tool to find your own strength and to transform yourself. The book is to be used as an emotional cleanse in order to remove bad habits and to implement long-lasting behavior.

The Resilience Way: Overcome the unexpected and build an extraordinary life… on your own terms! By Kelly Ann McKnight (Book Review #659)

“The Resilience Way is a book for people who want to overcome their struggles and challenges and build the life they truly desire.” How is that possible?

Boy in the hole by Akiva Hersh (Book Review #659)

The boy in the hole is a fictional story about a boy named Jacob. He is raised by a family filled with many sexual secrets and fantasies. The family’s mental health is not in its best shape of the form and is filled with… Continue Reading “Boy in the hole by Akiva Hersh (Book Review #659)”

Navigate Life with Dreams by Bei Linda Tang (Book Review #651)

Navigate life with dreams is a short non-fiction book explaining why we dream, what they are, and how we can use them to our advantage.

B*tch, F*cking Love Yourself by S.P.B Berry (Book Review #655)

B*tch, F*cking Love Yourself is a self-help book discussing the ability to avoid negative people and to self-reflect. The author promotes inspiration and happy thoughts.  There are no specific techniques or remedies but just positive willingness of the notion to go for it.

Navigate Life with Dreams by Linda Tang (Book Review #641)

Navigate life with dreams is a self- help book based on the latest science on dreaming and the psychology of dreams, Bei Linda Tang draws parallels between real dreams and true stories from her life to highlight the role of dreams in providing free… Continue Reading “Navigate Life with Dreams by Linda Tang (Book Review #641)”